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Utena Education Centre is an institution which provides services for non-formal adult education. The Centre was established in Utena, Eastern Aukstaitija Region, in September 2007. This is an in-service training institution aiming at European, national and regional needs concerning educational, cultural, political, and social tendencies as well as the needs of the local community. It provides educational and in-service training services of high quality and strives to ensure the development of education and culture, which enables to improve the quality of education and culture and to reach effective results referring to the European idea of lifelong learning as well as the requirements of culture, science and engineering.
The activities of Utena Education Centre include investigating the in-service training needs of pedagogues and specialists of other fields, and designing the syllabus for in-service training; organizing in-service training courses, seminars, lectures, conferences and other events; disseminating the good experience of teachers who work with creative power as well as educational institutions; cooperating with educational institutions of Lithuania and non-governmental organizations in the field of professional development of pedagogues and other specialists; promoting and supporting cultural activities of educational institutions, organizing exhibitions and shows of the works of pedagogues and other adults, organizing other cultural events.



Regional Project ‘Creating Yard Café’

‘Creating Yard Café’ is a 3-5 days project aimed at children, pupils, students and teachers of Utena town.
Project aim: to promote pupils‘ and teachers‘ creativity through the development of cooperation between schools and encouragement of teachers’ good practice exchange.
This project allows non-formal education activities to intertwine with leisure activities. Exhibitions of teachers works are displayed both in Utena Education Centre and A. and M. Miskiniai Public Library, while in the yard between Utena Education Centre and A. and M. Miskiniai Public Library various activities for three target groups – pre-school and primary school children, teachers and youth – are carried out throughout the day. Mornings are dedicated to pre-school and primary school children, afternoons – to teachers, evenings – to youth creation.

National Project ‘Preparation of Innovative Programs in Utena Municipality Through the Development of Social Partnership’

Project aim: to prepare innovative learning/teaching programs, oriented towards the education of pupils’ common competences and to exchange good practice with other municipalities through the development of social partnership.
Project objectives:
•    to prepare innovative programs for pupils’ learning/teaching in non-traditional environment;
•    to include innovative programs into school curriculum, to collect and store material about good practice;
•    to carry out trainings about the implementation of innovative programs, to organize good practice exchange with other municipalities.
Project target group: pupils, teachers from common education schools, museum employees, pupils’ parents.
The project is funded by the European Social Fund and the Republic of Lithuania according to the EU Operation Program For Human Resources Development.


International project „Lost horizons – new beginnings“

This is a senior volunteer project that belongs to Grundtvig sub-program, which is part of Lifelong Learning Program.

Project implementation period: August 1, 2011 – July 31, 2013.

The aim of the project is to by example show that the over 50’s can make a positive contribution to society and communities through volunteer work and rekindle the enthusiasm of those volunteers for achievement and non-formal learning within a pan-european programme.
The objectives of the project are to give opportunities to community volunteers from both countries to take part in a programme of conservation, repair of and maintenance of park and nature trails, historic landscapes and wildlife habitats in each country.  The volunteers will actively assist in the formation of new pathways and access points to this landscape, which will form the basis of a new heritage interpretation for the communities of Utena district and Wrexham.  
In addition the project will activate the over 50’s in order to engage with, and improve their understanding of the importance of multiculturalism in Europe through volunteer work and mobility.  During the length of the project the volunteers for both organisations will learn basic Lithuanian/English and ICT skills in order to communicate with people from each community. At the end of the project senior volunteer will make presentations to senior volunteers in their community and region.

The activity is funded by the Lifelong Learning Program, which is administered by the Education Exchanges Support Foundation in the Republic of Lithuania. The report reflects only the opinion of beneficiary, but not the opinion of Education Exchanges Support Foundation or the European Commission. National Agency and the European Commision are not responsible for the use of the information contained therein.

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